Murder of a Judge

Murder of A Judge - Prashant V Shrivastava
Murder of A Judge -Prashant V Shrivastava

“Arrange 50K else you are dead,” Lia read as she opened her eyes to check her phone. It was 7 ’o’ in the morning and she sprung up as soon as her eyes read these words. She rubbed her eyes, drank some water, and pinched herself to ensure she was not dreaming.

She tried to search the phone but there was no such other message. She took time but finally left the bed and rushed to the washroom. While taking shower, she recalled that she used to receive such prank messages from her old boyfriend. She got her brain nerves relaxed as she turned the shower off.

“I will not spare him if he does it again,” She took the last bite of her favorite breakfast cake and left her apartment.

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Photo credit: JONE VASAITIS via / CC BY-NC

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